XotoPad FAQ & Help

How do I install XotoPad?
Simply download it from the Download Page and run the Installer.
What are the System Requirements?
Screen size should be 1024 x 700 or above. Windows 8 and a touch screen are highly recommended, Windows 7 with touch support should work as well. Windows RT is not supported.
What is your Update Policy?
You will get all updates for free, forever.
I downloaded XotoPad with Chrome and saw a Warning Message afterwards..
Sometimes (not always, though) Chrome displays a warning like "setup_xotopad.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.". Please accept the file anyway. I have scanned the file extensively before uploading it and try to figure out a solution with Google right now. This seems to happen to quite a few indie developers...
How can I connect XotoPad to my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) / other MIDI software?
You need some kind of "Virtual MIDI cable" to connect XotoPad to other software products. Unfortunately Windows doesn't ship with such a utility, so you have to download a third party software. I recommend LoopBe1.
Please follow these steps:
1. Download LoopBe1 from nerds.de
2. Install it. It will register itself as a virtual MIDI driver
3. Open the settings of XotoPad and select "LoopBe Internal MIDI"
4. Open the settings of your DAW / other MIDI software and choose LoopBe as MIDI input
5. Now it should be possible to send MIDI data from XotoPad to your other software
How do I edit a Pad?
Click on "Edit" and you can change the settings of each pad individually. A black dot will mark the pad that is currently active.
The following settings can be made:
Basic Settings: Select whether the pad sends note or controller data. Assign a colour to organize your space. Adding a label to the pad is possible as well.
Note Settings: Will be used when "Mode: Note" is set. Change the MIDI channel (10 is usually used for drums, by the way), the instrument number (usually this can be 0), and the note. "Velocity: Yes" means that the note will be played louder the further up you hit the pad. "Velocity: No" means that every note will be played with full volume - wherever you hit the pad. "Toggle: Yes" turns on the pad the first time you hit it; hit it a second time and it will be off again (useful for loops etc).
X/Y-Controller: These settings are used when "Mode: X/Y-Controller" is set. Channel X and CC X affect horizontal pad movements, Channel Y and CC Y vertical movements.
CC-Pad: These settings are used when "Mode: CC-Pad" is set. The pad will send controller data on the chosen channel. You can define which controller values are sent on pad press and pad release.
How can I use the Keyboard to hit the Pads?
Use Q / W / E / R to switch between banks. Hit 1 to 0 to play on the first ten pads.
How can I update to the newest Version?
Simply download the current version from the Download Page. The installer will autodetect your license key if you install to the same folder as before.
I have a Question about my Order or Payment
All orders are processed by share-it, a specialized and secure payment provider for software products. Please use their Customer Care Center if you have any questions about orders and payments. Tech support is done by me, though.
I think I found a Bug / Error
Bummers. Please contact me and tell me what happened. This will make both you and me very happy, as I can only fix issues that I am aware of ;). Thanks in advance for reporting!
Can I use it on Linux?
You can use Wine to run XotoPad. Take a look at the Wine Database for more hints. Thanks go out to Denis Comtesse for testing and the instructions!
How can I become an affiliate?
Please join the Share-it affiliate program for XotoPad.
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