XotoPad FAQ & Help

How do I install XotoPad?
Simply download it from the Download Page and run the Installer.
What are the System Requirements?
Screen size should be 1024 x 700 or above. Windows 8 and a touch screen are highly recommended, Windows 7 with touch support should work as well. Windows RT is not supported.
How can I connect XotoPad to my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) / other MIDI software?
You need some kind of "Virtual MIDI cable" to connect XotoPad to other software products. Unfortunately Windows doesn't ship with such a utility, so you have to download a third party software. I recommend LoopBe1.
Please follow these steps:
1. Download LoopBe1 from nerds.de
2. Install it. It will register itself as a virtual MIDI driver
3. Open the settings of XotoPad and select "LoopBe Internal MIDI"
4. Open the settings of your DAW / other MIDI software and choose LoopBe as MIDI input
5. Now it should be possible to send MIDI data from XotoPad to your other software
How do I edit a Pad?
Click on "Edit" and you can change the settings of each pad individually. A black dot will mark the pad that is currently active.
The following settings can be made:
Basic Settings: Select whether the pad sends note or controller data. Assign a colour to organize your space. Adding a label to the pad is possible as well.
Note Settings: Will be used when "Mode: Note" is set. Change the MIDI channel (10 is usually used for drums, by the way), the instrument number (usually this can be 0), and the note. "Velocity: Yes" means that the note will be played louder the further up you hit the pad. "Velocity: No" means that every note will be played with full volume - wherever you hit the pad. "Toggle: Yes" turns on the pad the first time you hit it; hit it a second time and it will be off again (useful for loops etc).
X/Y-Controller: These settings are used when "Mode: X/Y-Controller" is set. Channel X and CC X affect horizontal pad movements, Channel Y and CC Y vertical movements.
CC-Pad: These settings are used when "Mode: CC-Pad" is set. The pad will send controller data on the chosen channel. You can define which controller values are sent on pad press and pad release. "CC Release: Off" means that no CC value will be sent when the pad is released.
How can I use the Keyboard to hit the Pads?
Use Q / W / E / R to switch between banks. Hit 1 to 0 to play on the first ten pads.
Are there other keyboard shortcuts?
Hit ESC to toggle the fullscreen mode. Use X to hide/show the settings/load/save buttons.
How can I update to the newest Version?
Simply download the current version from the Download Page. The installer will autodetect your license key if you install to the same folder as before.
What is your Update Policy?
You will get all updates for free, forever.
I downloaded XotoPad with Chrome and saw a Warning Message afterwards..
Sometimes (not always, though) Chrome displays a warning like "setup_xotopad.exe is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous.". Please accept the file anyway. I have scanned the file extensively before uploading it and try to figure out a solution with Google right now. This seems to happen to quite a few indie developers...
I have a Question about my Order or Payment
All orders are processed by share-it, a specialized and secure payment provider for software products. Please use their Customer Care Center if you have any questions about orders and payments. Tech support is done by me, though.
I think I found a Bug / Error
Bummers. Please contact me and tell me what happened. This will make both you and me very happy, as I can only fix issues that I am aware of ;). Thanks in advance for reporting!
Can I use it on Linux?
You can use Wine to run XotoPad. Take a look at the Wine Database for more hints. Thanks go out to Denis Comtesse for testing and the instructions!
How can I become an affiliate?
Please join the Share-it affiliate program for XotoPad.
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